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Our Story

Our Story

Guji Highland Coffee Plantation was initially established in 2012 by the visionary, enthusiastic and model citizen entrepreneur Ato Wodessa Yachisi. Then, reorganized as Guji Highland Coffee Plantation (GHCP) PLC in 2015 incorporating his family for plantation, processing and export of Coffee with an initial capital of birr 3,000,000.00 (Three Million Birr).

Guji Highland Coffee Plantation P.L.C is working on farms owned by our company and out grower farmers under strict technical follow up, training and guidance. In addition there is a large number of small holders coffee farmers which produce coffee in the surrounding area are our good suppliers.

The farm site is located in East Guji zone, Oromiya National Regional State, oddo shakiso woreda, at Dembi uddo localities. It is about 525km from Addis Ababa and 34km from shakiso, the nearest town, where Helyua 4 Star Hotel is situated. It is has an altitude range of 2000-2150m above sea level from in natural semi–forest area.

According to the data from Shakisso weather station, the annual rainfall range of the area is estimated 900 to 1400mm and the maximum and minimum average temperature is 25-330C and 10-120C respectively. The soil is fertile, rich in organic substance, humus naturally decomposed over decades. The farm is managed and operated with experienced man power and professionals with good quality standards.

Guji Highland Coffee Plantation


It's time for harvesting seasons

Our vision is to be the Africa's leading producer, processor and exporter of Guji highland specialty organic coffee as the favorite taste of coffee Arabica by the year 2025.

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Our Company is dedicated to; increase production and productivity of our specialty coffee farming, develop the wet and dry coffee processing with an advanced technology, expand our export market share and destinations, maintain quality standards to go beyond customer's expectation, standardize the coffee farming of our supplying farmers of Guji area, conserve the natural Eco-system and strive for our social responsibility.


Our profitability comes through responsible, green and clean business. It will be shared with others through employment opportunity, stakeholders benefit, foreign currency earning and economic development of the country.

Corporal Identity

Core Values

Human resource is our main asset
Quality on every step
Team work
and human benefit
Customer satisfaction
Honesty and Transparency

Our coffees are directly exported through bypassing the ECX auction system

Our export service delivery is much easier and simple for all of our clients around the Globe.

Why work with us?

The farm’s production is 100% organic

Rich with organic matter which has naturally decomposed over decades.


We are different because

We are different because Guj Highland Coffee Plantation seeds are collected from naturally grown (Indigenous) mother tree, which has a unique quality.



We target the following

  • Our primary customers are coffee roasters and traders throughout the world.


  • Top coffee exporters from Ethiopia


  • The specialty coffee suppliers list from Africa, Ethiopia

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