“Buna Lafa Eebbifamterraa!
ቡና ከተባረከች ምድር !
Coffee from Blessed Land!”
Inauguration of Modern Coffee Processing Industry Dukem October 2019. Sirna Eebba Hammayyaawa Bunaa Magaala Dukami Onkololessa 2012 A.L.E. ዘመናዊ የቡና ማቀነባበሪያ ምረቃ ስነ-ስርዓት ዱከም ጥቅምት 2012 ዓ.ም
Guji Highland Coffee Plantation PLC
Guji Highland Coffee Plantation PLC is a family owned business established in 2012 G.C with the aim of producing and exporting specialty coffee.
Guji Highland Coffee Plantation is developed over 650 hectares of land, out of which 400 hectares is developed by out grower farmers under our strict guidance. The plantation produces up to 385 tons of coffee per year.

Our coffee grows in the south of Ethiopia. More specifically, Shakiso in the Guji zone. A large number of small holder coffee farmers produce coffee here. The altitude ranges from 1850 up to 2100 meters and covers an area of approximately 250 hectares. It is harvested between mid-Octobers until December. It is a so-called "semi-forest-coffee". The coffee cherries are spread out in the sun, on large raised matting beds 3 ft above the ground. As the cherries dry, they are turned by hand to ensure even drying and prevent mildew. During the day the cherries are exposed to the sun and covered at night. It may take up to 4 weeks before the cherries are dried at the optimum moisture content, depending on weather conditions. The process is also known as the natural method produces coffee that is heavier in the body and sweeter.
we are different because
Guj Highland Coffee Plantation Seeds Are Collected From Naturally Grown (Indigenous) Mother Tree,
Which Has A Unique Quality.
The Coffe Trees Are Grown On Fertile Soil, Which Has Rich Organic SubstancDecomposed Over Decades. Coffe Trees Are Grown On Fertile Soil, Which Has Rich Organic SubstancDecomposeOver Decades.
Guji Highland Coffee Plantation Is Grown At An Altitude Of 2,000 – 2,150 Meters Above Sea Level. Grown At An Altitude Of 2,000 – 2,150 Meters Above Sea Level.
Coffee Trees Planted Are Young Enough With A Very High Yielding Capacity.
why work with us?
  • Our coffees are directly exported through bypassing the ECX auction system making our export service delivery much easier and simple for all of our clients around the Globe.
  • The farm’s production is 100% organic and the moment you step onto the land you sink into the deep topsoil, rich with organic matter which has naturally decomposed over decades.
we target the following
  • Our primary customers are coffee roasters and traders throughout the world.

  • Top coffee exporters from Ethiopia

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